Technical Bulletin No. 0003: Report on Present Status of Atmospheric Pollution Study Project (APGB)

  Forty-three member companies have now signed dues agreements to support the Atmospheric Pollution Study Project. At established dues rates, this would represent initial annual support for the project of approximately $51,000. A number of additional companies have indicated they will support the project; thus it would appear that sufficient financial support for the project will be forthcoming. Arrangements have been completed for the institution of a research project on pulp and paper industry atmospheric pollution problems at the University of Florida, at Gainesville, Florida. Under the terms of this project, which calls for an annual expenditure of $15,000,selected staff will proceed as follows: 1. Study the prior art and prepare a bibliography. 2. Study the industrial process. 3. Investigate the diffusion climatology. 4. Conduct arial surveys of the concentrations and dispersion of critical pollutants.