Technical Bulletin No. 0004: Application of Instrumentation to Pulp Mill Atmospheric Discharges (AQTB)

During recent years, progress in the application of instrumentation to measurement of stack gas and aerial contaminants has been most rapid. Some of the techniques developed have been applied to the measurement of concentration of specific substances present in pulp mill exit gases and the atmosphere near pulp mills. Dr. D. F. Adams, who directs the Council's air pollution project at Washington State College, and R. F. Koppe, have assembled in the attached Technical Bulletin a review of the available instruments which have been employed, their sphere of usefulness, and a critical analysis of the problems involved in their application. Included, also, is an extensive bibliography on the subject. It is believed that this bulletin will be of value to mills contemplating the use of instrumentation by assisting them in making a proper selection of equipment and providing an evaluation of what can and cannot be expected of such devices.