Technical Bulletin No. 0004: Interim Report to Membership State Air Pollution Control Legislation (APGB)

The National Council has instituted a project in the Division of Industrial Research, at Washington State College, to study various  aspects of atmospheric pollution from the pulping industry as part of its Atmospheric Pollution Study Project. This study will complement the work on kraft pulping now in progress at the Council’6s University of Florida project. It will include the development of a classified bibliography of the atmospheric pollution literature with particular reference to the sulfite pulping process. The project will attempt to collect, separate, and characterize the various gases and aerosols emitted from the sulfate and sulfite industries by chemical and physical methods. Since no satisfactory methods exist for the direct analysis of mixtures of inorganic and organic sulfides, such as those produced from sulfate pulping, considerable study will be given to the development of techniques which would be reliable for rapid field application, The "Universal" automatic atmospheric pollutant analyzer currently under development in the Division's laboratories may be adapted to record these solids and gases. A chemical engineering approach will be used to conduct detailed process material balance studies in relation to stack losses. The above work is necessary preparatory to an attack on amelioration of air borne discharges. A number of approaches to the problem of treatment are planned.