Technical Bulletin No. 0005: Deinking Report

This is the second report presented by the National Council for Stream Improvement on the subject of deinking waste. The first report consisted of a general survey of the extent of the deinking operation, a summarization of the problem, together with suggestions concerning the investigational procedure. Encompassed by the second report are the following: Section I - Laboratory investigations determining the efficiency of new and proposed methods for treating the waste. Section I - Mill studies involving the determination of the volume and character of wastes from the unit processes and a study of the possible reduction of waste volume requiring treatment. Section III - Studies on the reactions of deinking waste and various fractions thereof in the receiving stream. A fourth phase, that of recovery or disposal of sludge produced by treatment processes, is not included since-much of the work to date has been exploratory in nature. However, since certain avenues of attack have been indicated by the preliminary work, this phase of the overall problem will receive considerable attention in the immediate future.