Technical Bulletin No. 0005: Oregon Air Pollution Control Standards (APGB)

  The Oregon State Air pollution Authority has recently issued its first Air Pollution Control Standards. These regulations place limits on the amounts of various constituents that may be present in the outdoor atmosphere and may be considered as “air standards”. The regulations supposedly have been based on maintaining concentrations of contaminants below that considered nuisance levels. The only exception to the “air standard” approach  in the regulations is a limitation on the smoke discharged  from combustion processes. This is an effluent standard and is based on the generally accepted Ringelmann Chart. Since these are the first quantitative state-wide regulations promulgated, they are reproduced in their entirety. It is felt that these till be of interest to the pulp and paper industry as they are an indication as to what will be required in Oregon or possibly other states which have passed or are considering  air pollution legislation.