Technical Bulletin No. 0006: New Jersey Air Pollution Control Code (APGB)

The Air Pollution Control Commission of the New Jersey State Department of Health held a public hearing recently on two proposed new chapters of the New Jersey Air Pollution Control Code. These two new chapters, IV and V, deal with the control and prohibition of air pollution by smoke and combustion of solid fuel. The proposed regulations apply equally in all sectors of the state, irrespective of the residential and industrial concentrations in the area. Since these are among the first specific state-wide air pollution restrictions to be proposed, they are reproduced in their entirety. A number of industries in New Jersey have filed briefs with the Air Pollution Control Commission taking exception to various provisions of the proposed regulations. It was objected that the proposed codes are more stringent than those of the Cities of Pittsburgh and New York and suggested that the present lower limit of power or heat generating, plant subject to the code be materially increased. As presently written, all installation  burning in excess of about one ton of coal per day fall under the jurisdiction of the codes. It is understood that the Commission will accept briefs from interested parties concerning the proposed chapters up to July 15th, 1957, at which time, a closed meeting will be held for further action on the regulations. While these regulations apply only to New Jersey, it is believed they will be of general interest to the industry since they deal with air pollution problems which will be common to many mills regardless of whether or not they produce pulp and paper or just paper.