Technical Bulletin No. 0007: Paper Mill Odors Said Only Nuisance (APGB)

  Odors emanating from pulp and paper mills in the surrounding areas are not considered any health hazard but only a nuisance. Stated Dr. E. ft. Hendrickson, former New Yorker who is considered an air pollution specialist. “The amount you smell is far below the toxic level,” he explained, “and the only detriment to health would be in the way of mental disturbance.” Dr. Hendrickson, one of nine persons named recently to the Florida State Air Pollution Control Board, was interviewed while visiting his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Stackhouse, 672 Wallace street. He was en route to New York to attend a conference concerning steam and air pollution in the pulp and paper industry. As an associate professor in the University of Florida’s College of Engineering, Dr. Hendrickson is playing a prominent role in the air pollution research program being conducted at the Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station at Gainesville. Asked if there was any way of solving the problem of odor from the mills, the 35-year-old sanitary engineer commented: “Well, first we have to determine what amount of material is in the air and we haven’t been able to find a method for measuring such small quantities yet.”