Technical Bulletin No. 0008: Sulfite Waste Research Report: Investigation of the Production of Yeast from Sulfite Liquor

Acting on the recommendation of the Pacific Coast Regional Committee, and in view of the interest of many sulfite mills throughout the country, a project was established at Oregon State College in 1946 for the purpose of studying various aspects of yeast production from sulfite liquor. The specific items with which the investigation dealt were as follows: 1. Literature Survey: Preparation of a bibliography and a description of the fundamental nature of yeast production as applied to sulfite liquor. 2. Review of Patents: Preparation of a review of the current patent situation. 3. Market Survey: Determination of markets, and distribution of yeast products under various economic conditions. 4. Competitive Status: Survey the market price in comparison with competitive products. 5. Feeding Experiments: Determine the requirements for extensive animal feeding tests. 6. Pilot Plant: In terms of requirements indicated by (5) complete preliminary pilot plant design.