Technical Bulletin No. 0009: Progress Report on Studies on the Analyses of Pulp Mill Gases (AQTB)

The attached bulletin is a summary report on the research being carried on at the National Council's Washington State College Atmospheric Pollution Project, under Dr. Donald Adams' direction. To date, these studies have been on methods for the collection and analyses of gaseous pulping emissions. It has been shown that calcium sulfate is an excellent drying agent for handling these gases which have high concentrations of water vapor. Experiments have been conducted with activated carbon and silica gel for collecting and concentrating the constituents of the effluents, and the latter material has given fairly successful results. Work is continuing along these lines. Improvements are described in the gas chromatographic procedure for the separation and identification of sulfur-containing malodorous compounds. The search for suitable calorimetric reactions, which might be used in the continuous analyzer developed by Dr. Adams and his associates, is also continuing.