Technical Bulletin No. 0021: Proposed Air Pollution Regulation, Pennsylvania (APGB)

"Regulation IV and Guides for Compliance with Regulation IV", published by the Division of Air Pollution Control, describes the proposed procedure which deals with control of local air pollution from sources of particulate or gaseous matter emissions in "air basins" where problems exist. The two-fold purpose of this regulation is, quote: "A. To permit the Commission to bring about control of single or multiple air contamination sources which are creating specific local air pollution problems." "B. To provide a guide as to performance standards to which air pollution control equipment can be specified and designed." Definition of terms employed and methods for determining compliance are set forth in the guide in complete detail. Section 1.3 of the regulation deals with limits for particulate matter discharge. In general, this requirement states that no smoke shall be emitted which is darker than No. 2. on the Ringelmann Smoke Chart for a period or periods aggregating more than six minutes in any sixty consecutive minute period. Ground level concentrations of particulates are not to exceed 150 micrograms per cubic meter of air or 0.6 milligrams of particle fall per square centimeter per month, at any point outside a person’s property. Stipulations regarding multiple flues on a single property are included. A fugitive dust discharge level of less than 2.0 milligrams per cubic meter of air above background outside the individual property is not permitted for more than a ten minute period.