Technical Bulletin No. 0022: Air Pollution Literature Review 1964 (AQTB)

A comprehensive annotated bibliography of air pollution in the kraft pulping industry has been published by the Public Health Service (1). The booklet surveys the pulp mill process emissions while giving quantitative amounts of major pollutants. The bibliography abstracts major publications on identification of pollutants, analyses, and control measures. Included also are several important technical papers, reprinted in full, A valuable addition to the air pollution field engineer's library is a current edition of Air Sampling Instruments Manual (2). This publication reviews and evaluates the range of sampling devices that a field or laboratory engineer may need to use. The manual has sections ranging from the most sophisticated analytical instruments to "Home Assembled Instruments." Optimization of combustion processes usually leads to reduced pollutant emissions. Smith (3) reviews three "generations" of recovery furnace developments. The latest "generation" includes a furnace capable of handling 800 tons/day of pulp production that went into operation during 1963 in Brunswick, Georgia.