Technical Bulletin No. 0023: The Treatment of 'White Water Wastes'

The enclosed report represents the third comprehensive summary of the Rutgers University project dealing with the handling of white waters. Of particular interest are the filtration studies included herein since they represent a method whereby water can be continuously recovered which is so sufficiently free of suspended matter for use on felt showers and other machine uses where the presence of any suspended solids is detrimental. Of further interest in connection with this process is the possibility of employing the fines collected in the filter aid back in the furnish since the diatomaceous earth to which they adhere reduces their tendency to show the stock. If this is possible the difficult problem of their disposal is solved for some operations. Included also is a wealth of basic data covering clarification, sludge thickening and dewatering which should be most useful to individual mills in deciding upon methods most applicable to their particular circumstances.