Technical Bulletin No. 0027: Measuring Non-steady Flow in Industrial Stacks (AQTB)

 Reasonably accurate pulp mill stack sampling involves the measurement of non-steady flows, both in large vents where little or no back pressure can be tolerated, and in small vents which, when relieving a system, operate under back pressure. The National Council's air pollution research project, under the direction of Prof. E. R. Hendrickson, developed the methods described in the attached report which have been shown to be satisfactory. Professors C. I. Harding and R. S. Sholtes were responsible for the laboratory and field studies which went into the development of these techniques.  This investigation is a part of a project directed toward the development of improved methods of stack and aerial sampling and analysis. It has been underway for several years with the results reported currently in National Council Technical Bulletins.