Technical Bulletin No. 0030: Deinking Report: Design of a Deinking Waste Treatment Plant

Previous laboratory studies and pilot plant development conducted by the National Council for Stream Improvement have indicated the feasibility of treatment of waste water from the deinking process by the biological aeration technique. The results of this work were presented in Technical Bulletin Number 22. Subsequent to these investigations the Kalamazoo River Improvement Company, a non-profit organization consisting of six deinking mills in the Kalamazoo area, was formed. This organization has as its aim construction of the first plant to demonstrate the biological treatment process on a. full scale. The plant was designed by engineers of the National Council and the attached report which describes the engineering aspects of the design vas prepared by Anthony J. Palladino, Council engineer. Continued study by the National Council regarding operating costs and problems peculiar to full-scale operation is contemplated during the one year demonstration period beginning in-the early spring of 1950.