Technical Bulletin No. 0036: Anaerobic Digestion of Paperboard Mill White Water

  It has been demonstrated that wastes of a carbohydrate nature can be digested by anaerobic digestion to a degree where a major portion of their oxygen demand is destroyed. Recent development work on yeast and other wastes has indicated that high BOD removals can be obtained at high rates of digester loading and with short detention periods. These factors reduce the cost of the equipment necessary to produce the required results. Aeration of news and chip board mills with highly reduced water quantities leads to the production of a concentrated waste low in fiber content but high in dissolved and dispersed organic matter. This type waste often lends itself to anaerobic digestion. Because of this fact the experimental work, reported herein, was carried on by the Rutgers University project of the Council. The factors affecting the process were determined and optimum operating conditions established on a laboratory basis. The results obtained are now being evaluated by Council engineers, to determine if they are sufficiently promising to warrant pilot plant development work.