Technical Bulletin No. 0037: Compendium of Methods for Measuring Ambient Air Quality and Process Emissions Section 4 – Ambient Air Monitoring for Particulate Matter (AQTB)

During 1968 the National Council staff began work on the assembly of a compendium of methods for measuring ambient air quality and process emissions. It was recognized at the outset that such a compendium would require constant updating as new techniques evolved and were proven useful in practice and others became obsolete. A format was therefore developed which would permit distribution of completed (and subsequently revised) sections of this compendium as regular technical bulletins as they became available, accompanied by an up-dated Table of Contents which would relate each section to the total project. Each technical bulletin in this series will therefore carry the same general title as a reminder of its place in the compendium. The first bulletin to be distributed details the recommended techniques for measurement of dust fall and suspended particulate solids as indicators of ambient air quality. It provides a guide to the organization and conduct of such air quality monitoring programs in areas adjacent to mill operations. Details are provided covering recommended methods for analysis of collected particulate matter for specific chemical components and expression of numerical results. As will be seen from the attached Compendium Table of Contents, this bulletin falls under Part II, "Ambient Air Quality Monitoring" and will be followed in time by three additional sections to complete this portion of the Compendium.