Technical Bulletin No. 0041: Rag, Rope, and Jute Pulping Wastes

Despite the fact that rag, rope and jute pulping have been practiced for a great many years, amazingly little information regarding the pollutional characteristics of the wastes produced and data regarding their treatment is found in the literature, The most complete information at hand was found in private engineering reports, but since most of these were limited in scope their value to the industry in general was also limited. Three years ago the Rutgers University Project of the Council, under the direction of Dr. Willem Rudolfs and Dr. Nelson Nemerow, undertook the extensive investigation of these wastes partially covered in the enclosed report. This is the first of a series on the subject and encompasses the volumes, physical and chemical characteristics of the wastes and their significance in stream pollution. It will be followed by reports on the application of various treatment processes to all three operations. It is hoped that this report supplies the need for basic data on rag, rope and jute pulping and will be useful to those manufacturing these products.