Technical Bulletin No. 0043: Performance Characteristics of Ambient SO2 Analyzers (AQTB)

This Technical Bulletin consists of four reports on extensive evaluations of continuous sulfur dioxide analyzers conducted by the State of Washington, the National Air Pollution Control Administration and the Los Angeles Air Pollution Control District. The first was presented at the National Council's 1969 West Coast Regional Meeting, while the remaining three appeared in the last six months in the Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association. The National Council wishes to express its gratitude to the Air Pollution Control Association for giving permission to distribute these reports directly to its membership. The Technical Bulletin is intended to serve as a source of the most current information on the specificity, performance and operation of a variety of continuous analyzers that either are in use or have been proposed for monitoring of ambient levels of sulfur dioxide. These evaluations have not been performed by the National Council staff, but rather reflect the recent experience of the three regulatory agencies mentioned. It is expected that the data contained therein will prove useful to those mills currently concerned with the selection and use of such air quality monitoring instruments.