Technical Bulletin No. 0045: Progress Report No. 1 on the Cooperative Waste Treatment Pilot Plant at Macon Kraft Company

Enclosed is the first report of the pilot plant studies on the biological oxidation of kraft mill waste conducted by the National Council at the Macon Kraft Company mill at Macon, Georgia. This development program is carried out under the guidance of the Technical Sub-Committee of the Southern Regional Committee of the Council and the pilot plant is operated by a Council employee. The enclosed report includes a general description of the plant, its flow sheet, an outline of the operation and testing methods employed, as well as the results of a month and a half of operation. This period was employed mainly to determine if the process would operate as successfully under conditions prevailing at a kraft mill as it did in the laboratory. Detention periods necessary were also investigated. Continuing investigation will be directed specifically toward finding minimum operating cost and will include evaluations of both capital and operating expenditures for applying the present process and variations of it which may prove more efficient.