Technical Bulletin No. 0052: Biological Treatment of Rag, Rope, and Jute Pulping Effluents

This report on rag, rope and jute pulping wastes deals mainly with biological oxidation of these wastes and is divided into three parts. Two parts cover laboratory experiments on aerobic and anaerobic treatment. These were conducted by the Council’s Rutgers University project and were performed by Dr. Nelson L. Namerow under the direction of Dr. Willem Rudolfs, Chairman of the Department of Sanitation. A third portion reports on pilot plant trickling filter experiments carried on at a Pennsylvania mill under the direction of Council engineers. The methods employed in both the laboratory and pilot plant studies represent the most advanced practice in the application of biological oxidation as presently applied to sanitary sewage and other industrial wastes. It was deemed advisable to pursue this subject in considerable detail because of the obvious shortcomings of the chemical treatment techniques explored previously and reported in Technical Bulletin Number 46.