Technical Bulletin No. 0057: Technical Papers Presented at the Annual Research Review and Open Panel Discussion

Attached is a reprint of the papers presented at the Research Review and Open Panel Discussion held during the Annual Meeting of Members of the Council this year. It is believed that these presentations contain information of interest to the entire membership and distribution will provide both an opportunity for those who were unable to attend to read them and a useful reference for those who were present. Since the discussions attending these presentations were not reproduced, they were not included in this release. The following paper are presented in this technical bulletin:   1. Problems Connected With Waste Sulphite Liquor Collection, Evaporation and Burning   2. Spent Sulphite Liquor Abatement Programs in the Pacific Northwest   3.  Present Practice in Treating Papermaking Effluent   4. Semi-Chemical Pulping Waste Treatment   5. Kraft MiII Wastes Research