Technical Bulletin No. 0058: Final Report on Deinking Waste Demonstration Treatment Plant at Plainwell, Michigan

Submitted herewith is a complete report of the operation of the demonstration plant of the Kalamazoo River, Improvement Company for the primary treatment of deinking waste as well as experimental secondary treatment by the "biological aeration" process. Construction and operation of this plant were the fruit of considerable groundwork over a period of years in laboratory and small pilot plant work conducted by the Council in cooperation with and through the interest of the deinking mills. The Kalamazoo River Improvement Company furnished the impetus and financial support for extending these preliminary researches to a large scale operation. Data and experience gained in the operation of this plant have been and are being applied to the design of several full scale primary deinking waste treatment plants. Some of these plants are already in the construction or operating stage. In addition, these data have found application in the design of treatment units for other pulp and paper mill waste waters.