Technical Bulletin No. 0067: A Study of Practical Approaches to Utilization of Solids from Deinking Mill Waste

  The attached Technical Bulletin was first issued in 1954,  and reported on the results of a study directed toward finding new uses for sludge obtained from clarification of de-inking mill effluents.  The project was supported by both NCASI and the Kalamazoo River Improvement Company, a group of Kalamazoo area de-inking mills active at that time in supporting selected stream improvement projects with NCASI guidance. The report dealt mainly with the possibility of manufacture of light-weight concrete aggregates from sludge, and recovery of a filler material for such products as paper, rubber and asphalt tile. Some preliminary cost estimates for processing deinking sludges were also prepared and are included, (expressed as 1954 costs). The report is being reintroduced into the list of in-print technical bulletins because of a renewal of interest in the disposal of dewatered high ash content sludges and recent studies of fractionation or reuse of these sludges under NCASI and mill auspices.