Technical Bulletin No. 0072: Sources of Wastes from Kraft Pulping and Theoretical Possibilities of Reuse of Condensates

The attached Technical Bulletin was originally distributed in 1954, and was based on a paper prepared by G. N. McDermott, then with the Industrial Wastes Section of the Survey and Investigation Branch, U. S. Public Health Service. Mr. McDermott prepared it using data collected by PHS through extensive surveys of a number of Southern kraft mills. The bulletin contained considerable basic information regarding water balance throughout the kraft processes. Since the problem of condensate reuse and pretreatment arises now with even greater frequency than in 1954, we have decided to maintain this Technical Bulletin in print as an aid to the planning of internal mill loss contact programs. Your attention is also called to more recent Technical Bulletins on this subject including Nos. 129, 160, 169, 179, and 187.