Technical Bulletin No. 0076: Technical Papers Presented at the 1955 Annual Meeting of Members of the National Council for Stream Improvement

Present and Future Availability of Water in the United States: Water has always been Important to Americans. Almost in the shadow of the highway bridge across the Delaware River at New Castle, Delaware, there is a bronze tablet that records “On the 28th day of October 1682, William Penn, the Great Proprietor, on his first landing in America, here proclaimed his government and received from the commissioners of the Duke of York the key of the fort and turf, twig, and water are symbols of his possession.” This is interesting and pertinent as a record of one of the earliest recognitions of the special significance of water as a basic resource.   Conservation of Water Resources: Conservation is defined by Webster as "The act of keeping from loss, decay or injury; to supervise and protect, to preserve." It would seem to me that a better definition, at least insofar as water resources are concerned, might be stated as the wise use of our resources.   Progress toward a Sound National Water Policy  Reduction of Oxygen Demand of Kraft Mill Wastes by Balancing the Recovery System   Reduction of Oxygen Demand of Kraft Mill Wastes by Natural Purification   Reduction of Oxygen Demand of Kraft Mill Wastes by Application of the Accelerated Aeration   The Interaction of Nuclear Radiation with Pulping Waste Products  Summary of Research on Neutral Sulfite Semi-Chemical Wastes