Technical Bulletin No. 0086: Investigation of the Feasibility of the Use of Chemical Oxidation Systems for the Removal of Odorous Gases from High Volume Low-Concentration Kraft Mil

As part of its technical studies program directed at atmospheric emission control problems, the National Council has initiated an investigation of a possible alternative control technology for high volume-low concentration, TRS-containing gas streams in the kraft industry. Those gas streams fitting this description are generally understood to be those from brown stock washer vent hoods and black liquor oxidation system vents. The work described in this bulletin was carried out under the direction of Dr. Robert P. Fisher, Research Chemist, Southern Regional Center. Part I of this report is a literature review directed toward identification of possible chemical oxidation schemes suitable for use with these source gases which contain odorous organic sulfur compounds consisting principally of methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl disulfide. Several chemical oxidizing agents were identified which were considered to be of some interest. Among those identified were permanganate, chlorine/hypochlorite, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and regenerable metal ion oxidants.