Technical Bulletin No. 0086: The Development of Estuaries and Migratory Fishes

Many coastal mills throughout the country have been involved in migratory fishing problems. These are extremely complex because of the normal variation in fish runs due to a multiplicity of both natural and artificial causes. Dr. B. B. Brandt, of the Department of Zoology of North Carolina State College, has studied fish migration in the estuarial waters of North Carolina for many years. During the last two years, an organized program, supported by the Council and mills in this area, has been underway to determine the effect of mill effluents on fish migration. While Dr. Brandt's findings reported herein are preliminary in nature, they are interesting in that they show that spawning occurs over generally wider areas than previously believed and that no diminution in fish numbers appear attributable to mill effluents. These studies will be continued to a point where definite final conclusions can be drawn.