Technical Bulletin No. 0088: The Experimental Production of Super-Protein from Spent Sulfite Liquors

  The enclosed report summarizes the results of further studies of process variables in the production of a high-protein animal feed supplement from spent sulfite liquor. The work was performed under the direction of Mr. Anthony F. Gaudy, Jr., leader of the Council’s Oregon State College Project. A number of factors were found to affect the protein content of the resultant microbial growth. A cell age of 3 days, control of aerator ph between 7.4 and 7.9, and at least two cell washings were found to be optimum conditions for producing a growth which, upon harvest and drying, contained 70 percent protein matter. Sufficient preliminary data is now available to design and operate a pilot plant for larger scale testing of the process, and for production of enough dried high-protein animal feed supplement to conduct a thorough livestock feeding test program.