Technical Bulletin No. 0090: Federal Air Quality Regulations Affecting New or Expanded Operations in the Pulp and Paper Industry (AQTB)

The air quality regulations governing growth or expansion in the pulp and paper industry are multi-faceted and complex. The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977 did not reduce the complexity of the existing regulations. Their full impact is not yet known, however, since the regulations flowing from the Amendments are currently under development. The attached technical bulletin is an assembly of (a) point source regulations, (b) ambient air quality regulations, and (c) amendments to the Clean Air Act that may have an impact on the planning of new or expanded operations. It was prepared during the past year by Special Projects Manager, William J. Gillespie. During the course of its development the Clean Air Act Amendments were passed and where possible, the changes or impacts of these amendments are noted. The bulletin includes an analysis pathway for use in determining the steps requiring satisfaction in obtaining permission for new or expanded operations. While these are complex, they first involve determination of whether the proposed expansion site is in a non-attainment area or whether the site is governed by prevention of significant deterioration regulations. The disadvantages of being improperly placed in an ambient air quality non-attainment area are outlined, and individual companies are advised to closely follow and participate in the re-designation of non-attainment areas currently underway by the states. Since there are a series of developing regulations which promise to have varying degrees of impact on new or expanding sources, one is advised to determine whether changes have significantly altered the material contained in this bulletin.