Technical Bulletin No. 0091: Observation of Field Performance of TRS Monitors on a Kraft Recovery Furnace (AQTB)

An increasing emphasis is being placed on monitoring of total reduced sulfur (TRS) emissions from kraft recovery furnaces and lime kilns in emerging regulations with monitoring of these two sources expected to be a universal requirement in the near future. A recent NCASI technical bulletin, Atmospheric Quality Improvement No. 89, dealt extensively with the design of gas sampling collection, handling and conditioning systems. The work outlined in this bulletin describes an intensive study carried out to observe the field performance of currently used and promising TRS detectors. The work was prompted by questions arising concerning the ability of currently used monitors to adequately represent TRS concentrations at the less than 10 ppm level when compared to a gas chromatographic measurement method.  The study also showed that gas sample loss in a well designed system could normally be maintained at less than 1 ppm on kraft recovery furnace sources. Losses for lime kiln sources have been found to be greater however.