Technical Bulletin No. 0092: Observations of the Field Performance of a Laser Light Backscattering Source Particulate Mass Monitor (AQTB)

The observation of field performance of source emission monitoring equipment which appears to have promise for use in the pulp and paper industry is a continuing part of the National Council's investigative programs. The attached technical bulletin describes the observations made while studying a laser light particulate concentration monitor on kraft recovery furnaces and a wood residue fired power boiler. The field investigation was carried out by Kenneth T. Hood, Research Engineer at the West Coast Regional Center, assisted by staff member Thomas F. Briody. Andre L. Caron is Regional Manager of the Center. In contrast to opacity monitors which measure the light transmission changes induced by changes in flue gas particulate concentration, the laser light monitor is designed to measure particulate concentration. When monitoring data were compared with simultaneously generated opacity monitoring records on controlled sources from a kraft recovery furnace and a wood residue fired power boiler, the laser monitor was judged to be equivalent in quality of data and performance when used on sources with particulate concentrations of about 0.1 grain/SDCF and less.