Technical Bulletin No. 0097: Survey of Water Usage in the Southern Kraft Industry

The attached National Council Technical Bulletin summarizes water usage in the southern kraft industry. It was prepared by Council engineers from data obtained by a careful canvass of thirty large mills in ten states  manufacturing over 80 percent of the pulp produced in this area. Notable in the information collected is the widespread and increasing reuse of process water. This has produced a steady and marked decline in the quantity of water employed per ton of production. Water usage reduction has been accompanied by a substantial decline in sewer losses and the loading on receiving waters. This effect is reflected in the recapitulations of the data collected. With the need for more water due to rapidly increasing production and the relatively limited quantity available in the south, water conservation and reuse becomes an important consideration. This report points out what has, and can be accomplished in this direction as well as in the reduction of pollutional material reaching the mill sewer.