Technical Bulletin No. 0101: Atmospheric Quality Protection Literature Review – 1978 (AQTB)

The attached technical bulletin is the latest in a series of annual reports summarizing the literature on atmospheric quality protection referring directly to paper industry problems or practices, and/or applicable to the industry's ongoing programs. This year's report was prepared by Andre L. Caron, NCASI Regional Manager, located at the West Coast Regional Center, and encompassing 471 references. The report is organized so as to cover general, technical and regulatory developments, advances in emission control technology, monitoring, sampling and analytical procedures, noise, and determination of ambient emission effects and dispersion characteristics. The report also touches on energy-related documents, particularly as they concern alternate fuel use strategies and their relation to emission control and energy conservation. Your attention is also called to 1978 Stream Improvement Technical Bulletin No. 320 covering the 1978 literature on receiving water quality protection as it relates to the pulp and paper industry.