Technical Bulletin No. 0102: Studies on Improved Aerator Design

The National Council Technical Bulletin accompanying this letter covers the second year's research at the University of Maine. The Council's project is headed by Dr. S. Zieminski and deals with methods of improving aeration of water through development of techniques to increase the oxygen transfer rate. The first year's studies were on a laboratory scale and proved sufficiently promising to justify the building and testing of a large-scale aerator of unique design in a ten thousand gallon tank. Results of the large-scale aerator tests bore out the laboratory results, the test unit decreasing the power cost fifty percent per pound of oxygen dissolved over existing devices. These results are reported in detail in the attached bulletin. On recommendation of the New England Regional Committee of the Council, this investigation will be continued another year for the purpose of determining design factors for application of the new unit. It is believed that it will find use in stream reaeration, activated sludge processes, waste stabilization basins, and in fermentation processes.