Technical Bulletin No. 0183: Procedures for Conducting Mill Effluent Surveys

The attached technical bulletin, entitled "Procedures for Conducting Mill Effluent Surveys," includes summations of mill survey techniques, and lists of available flow measurement and sampling devices as well. Specific applications for each of these are indicated. Included for convenience are a number of selected reference tables, which will be helpful in actual survey work. While the importance of mill effluent surveys has been diminished since this bulletin was initially assembled, the importance of proper flow measurement has substantially increased since the NPDES self-reporting requirements have been put in place. This point has been emphasized through case histories reported in the recent series of NCASI Special Technical Sessions on quality assurance and quality control aspects of NPDES permitted facilities. The content of this technical bulletin should be especially helpful to those responsible for the quality control and quality assurance requirements of NPDES permitted facilities.