Technical Bulletin No. 0220: Biological Waste Treatment Case Histories in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Last April, the National Council distributed Technical Bulletin No. 214, "Manual of Practice for Biological Waste Treatment in the Pulp and Paper Industry". This report has been well received, and proven useful to numerous members contemplating addition of biological treatment facilities in seeking to improve performance of existing operations. During the past 18 months, a number of informative technical reports on individual biological waste treatment facilities have been presented at the National Council's Annual Members Meeting, as well as at various Regional Meetings. The staff felt that a compilation of these presentations would serve as a valuable adjunct to Technical Bulletin No. 214, and illustrate the technical information presented therein. The attached Technical Bulletin consists of a staff edited compilation of eight (8) such case histories involving the use of both aerated stabilization basin and activated sludge treatment.