Technical Bulletin No. 0228: Technological Trends in Mill Effluent Color Reduction, Dewatered Sludge Disposal and Kraft Mill Atmospheric Emission Control

A feature of the NCASI 1969 Members Meeting General Technical Session was the presentation by three staff members of summary reports on current technological trends toward the resolution of three major paper industry environmental protection problems. Since these account for a very substantial portion of the National Council's technical program efforts during the past and present years, it was felt that proper attention could best be focused on these problem areas by distribution of this technical bulletin containing all these reports. These included "Development of an Effective Technology for Pulp and Bleaching Effluent Color Reduction" by Herbert F. Berger, "Trends in the Disposal of Waste Treatment Sludges" by Andre L. Caron, and "Unit Process Contributions to Kraft Mill Atmospheric Emissions" by Russell O. Blosser.