Technical Bulletins & Special Reports

Technical Bulletin No. 0557: Pulp and Paper Mill In-Plant and Closed-Cycle Technologies – A Review of the Operating Experience, Current Status and Research Needs

This technical bulletin is a review of various in-plant and cycle technologies applicable to the kraft pulping industry. Among the technologies examined in this report are (a) water reuse, (b) spill management and process control technologies applicable to pulp mills, bleach plants and paper mills, and (c) add-on technologies such as the Rapson-Reeve closed cycle process, the Billerud-Uddeholm and other resin processes, activated carbon adsorption, chemical coagulation, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis. The objective of this review was to document the current status of various in-plant and closed cycle technologies and to identify and list candidate technologies for possible future research funding. Consequently, in describing various technologies emphasis has been placed on (a) identifying operating problems and (b) listing research needs which are associated with the implementation of these technologies.