Technical Bulletin No. 0849: Compilation of Speciated Reduced Sulfur Compound and Total Reduced Sulfur Emissions Data for Kraft Mill Sources

Speciated reduced sulfur compound and TRS emission data generated within the last decade have been compiled for the following kraft mill sources: (1) bleach plants, (2) oxygen delignification systems, (3) brownstock washers, pulp deknotters, screens and deckers, (4) uncontrolled kraft non-condensible gases (NCGs), (5) thermal oxidizers, (6) kraft recovery furnaces, (7) smelt dissolving tanks, (8) black liquor oxidation tanks, (9) lime kilns, (10) slakers and causticizers, (11) black, green and white liquor storage tanks, (12) unbleached pulp storage tanks, (13) tall oil reactors, (14) miscellaneous pulp mill vents, and (15) wood and combination wood-fired boilers. Available data on TRS emissions from waste treatment systems are also summarized. Vent gas flow rates, temperature, moisture content, and percent oxygen are given when available for each set of TRS measurements along with the associated production rate.