Craig Loehle, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist
Location: Independent – Naperville, IL


Dr. Craig Loehle has been with NCASI since 1998, following 14 years at the Department of Energy laboratories. His interests include biodiversity, landscape ecology, life history theory, forest management, and endangered species. He particularly focuses on quantitative methods for assessing time-series population data trends, methods for sampling wildlife populations, wildlife habitat modeling, detectability, population modeling, and other statistical and modeling methods. He has, for many years, provided a focal point for climate change information of relevance to the industry.


  • PhD.┬áNatural Resource Management, Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)
  • MS Forest Management, University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
  • BS Forestry, University of Georgia (Athens, GA)

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

  • Statistical methods
  • Sampling theory
  • Animal ecology
  • Plant ecology
  • Time-series analysis
Phone: (630) 476-1258