Giffe Johnson, Ph.D.

Sr. Program Manager, CMHE
Location: Independent – Gainesville, FL


Giffe Johnson, PhD. has been a member of the NCASI team since October 2017. Prior to joining NCASI, Dr. Johnson served as a faculty member of the University of South Florida’s Toxicology and Risk Assessment program and Assistant Director of Research for the Center for Environmental and Occupational Risk Analysis and Management. Current areas of interest include bringing the best science to bear in the development of National Ambient Air Quality Standards, improving the science behind the development of Human Health Water Quality Criteria, and participating in the development of emerging regulatory practices for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).


PhD. Toxicology and Risk Assessment, University of South Florida. Tampa, FL. 2008.
Master of Public Health: Epidemiology. University of South Florida. Tampa, FL. 2005.
Bachelor of Arts: Biology. Rollins College. Winter Park, FL. 1999.

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Causal inference for chemically induced health effects, applying toxicology and epidemiology to human health risk assessment, and assessment of the scientific basis for chemical regulation and product safety.

Awards and Career Highlights

Dr. Johnson serves as an Editor for Hamilton and Hardy’s Industrial Toxicology 6th ed., a renowned reference text originally printed in 1929, and serves as Vice President on the Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section for the Society of Toxicology. As well, Dr. Johnson has managed several federally funded research projects as Principal Investigator. He has presented research at international scientific conferences and has participated in science communication with state and federal regulatory agencies.

Phone: 813.734.4385