Leland (Lee) Carlson

Project Leader
Location: Newberry Office & Laboratories – Newberry, FL


Lee has been with NCASI for 25 years, working out of NCASI’s Southern Regional Center. His professional interests include source sampling methodology development and evaluation, advising NCASI members with respect to appropriate source sampling strategies, and auditing of source test reports. Current endeavors are focused on measurement of source emissions of PM2.5, evaluation of PM2.5 measurement methodologies, collaborative research with EPA on defining condensable particulate matter (CPM) from stationary sources, and development of alternative strategies for measuring CPM emissions.


B.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Florida

Other certifications – Qualified Stack Testing Individual (QSTI) for Groups 1 through 4.

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Stationary source air emission measurement, emission measurement evaluations, PM and HAP sampling methods, Emission test planning and report review / quality assurance, Process-related and Environmental technical issues, Analyses Tools.

Awards and Career Highlights

Lee’s research on systematic bias in USEPA methods for measuring CPM emissions from stationary sources resulted in securing interim guidance on increased train blank correction for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and New Source Review (NSR). This systematic bias research was also influential in the development of best practices for USEPA Method 202.

Lee is also known beyond the forest products industry as an expert in PM measurement and acknowledged in USEPA’s handbook on best practices for Method 202.

Phone: 352-244-0914