Ric Law

Project Leader
Location: Newberry Office & Laboratories – Newberry, FL


Ric joined NCASI in Feb 1997 as part of the field sampling team for the Wood Products MACT testing project. Ric has since transitioned into coordinating and executing technical studies in the Wood Products program. Most recently, he led NCASI efforts in developing a framework to speciate VOC emissions from lumber kilns and validate the use of OTM-026. Ric also assists Member companies with technical questions on MACT and VOC measurement and works on projects related to PM measurement.


BS, Environmental Engineering, Univ. of Florida
Other certifications – FL Professional Engineers (PE) License

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Air emission measurement, PM and HAP sampling methods, VOC Speciation, Test report Quality Assurance, Electronic reporting, Process-related and Environmental technical issues, Databases and Analyses Tools.

Phone: (352) 244-0913