Rob Crawford

Principal Research Scientist
Location: Newberry Office & Laboratories – Newberry, FL


Rob Crawford joined NCASI in 1985. Although it was largely his expertise in analytical chemistry that landed him the job, he quickly became involved in testing projects in both pulp and paper and wood products facilities. He has led, and continues to lead, several crucial studies that led to the development of emission factor compilations, and an understanding of factors that affect emissions. The results of those studies are widely used within the forest products industry to address a variety of environment compliance and reporting obligations. In many cases, the results of those studies have been used to positively influence the development of environmental regulations for pulp and paper, and wood products, manufacturing processes.


Masters, Chemistry, Montana State University

Bachelors, Chemistry, Texas A&M – Commerce

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Air pollution sampling and analytical methods, Environmental control for forest products industry manufacturing processes.

Awards and Career Highlights

Rob has played major roles in the following areas:

  • Developing understanding of chlorinated organic (especially chloroform) formation and release from pulp bleaching processes.
  • Development of data, through several large testing programs, to support industry response to the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.
  • Quantification of, and developing an understanding of factors driving, reduced sulfur compound emissions from pulp and paper waste water treatment plants.
  • Development of an understanding of process parameters affecting emissions of various criteria pollutants, such as SO2 and NOx in complex combustion scenarios.
Phone: (352) 682-9416