Product Stewardship

Chemicals in Products Sheets

NCASI’s Chemicals in Products Sheets (ChIPS) provide information for selected substances that will be useful to member company staff responsible for product safety, sustainability, and stewardship.  The sheets contain information about nomenclature and synonyms, selected physical properties, uses, publicly available information on levels reported in products, migrations studies, product regulations or restrictions, allowable exposure levels, and analytical methods.

The scope of the information sheets and the identifications of substance for which sheets are prepared are guided by the American Forest and Paper Association’s Chemical and Product Stewardship Subcommittee (C&PSS).

The information sheets are as up to date as possible as of the dates given in the documents; however, they cannot be continuously maintained, so the user is strongly encouraged to reconfirm the status of any information that is critical to compliance. As directed by the C&PSS, selected information sheets will be updated and revised. Users are encouraged to check back to this website to access the most recent revisions available.