Sustainability and Fiber Supply

Forest Inventory & Analysis

Forest resource data collected from field inventory, remote sensing platforms, mill and landowner surveys, and other sources, are critical for assessing and communicating sustainability of forest resources and the organizations that depend on them. These data often require highly technical analytical approaches to accurately filter, summarize, and report appropriate metrics in an understandable form.

Staff have developed computer-based software tools to enable complex analyses to be undertaken with relative ease and made these tools available on the NCASI website (e.g., GForest, Habplan, COLE, SOLE, and others).

Staff will maintain, update, and enhance existing tools and develop new ones as appropriate and work with scientists in USFS FIA, universities, and Member Companies to identify information needs that can be effectively delivered through software tools on the NCASI web site.

FIA User Group Meeting

Notes from Previous Years

2018 National FIA User Group Meeting | April 24-25 | Albany, California

2017 National FIA User Group Meeting | April 4-5 | Madison, Wisconsin

2016 Biometrics Working Group Meeting | July 14 | Atlanta, Georgia

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