Sustainability and Fiber Supply

Forest Inventory and Biometrics

Although the USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) database is the most important source of information on forest condition in the United States and is useful for many purposes (e.g., monitoring carbon), there are evolving technologies to monitor forest health. Therefore, it is important for NCASI to maintain expertise related to such data sources, their application to policy issues, and to understand evolving technologies.

NCASI also supports analytical tools to assimilate and understand forest inventory data.

Biometrics are an essential tool in any forestry activity. To maximize the benefits of forest biometrics within the industry, NCASI administers the Biometrics Working Group (BWG). The BWG hosts meetings throughout the year to discuss technical talking points with knowledgeable forest biometricians working in academia, government forestry agencies, and the industry itself.

For more information about the Biometrics Working Group, please contact Dr. Stephen Prisley.