Biomass Workshop and Forestry Technical Session at NCASI 2010 West Coast Regional Meeting

The 2010 NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting in Vancouver, Washington will include a biomass workshop the afternoon of September 28 and a forestry technical session on September 30.

The biomass workshop is titled Forest Biomass to Energy - Issues and Activities in the Northwest. The preliminary agenda follows.

Carbon Accounting Concepts and Issues for Biomass Projects

Reid Miner and Brad Upton, NCASI  

Boiler MACT and Biomass Boilers

John Pinkerton, NCASI 

State of Washington Biomass Energy Initiatives

Rachael Jamison, Washington Department of Natural Resources 

Perspectives on Biomass for Energy Supply

Mike Jostrom, Plum Creek Timber Company
George McFadden, Bureau of Land Management
Justin Knobel, Rayonier

Biomass Energy Projects in the Region

Paul Perlwitz, Nippon Paper Industries USA
Others TBD

Status of the Forest Biorefinery

Rick Gustafson, University of Washington 

The forestry session is titled “Hot off the Presses” Environmental Forest Research. The agenda follows.

Forest Biomass: An Overview of Priority Issues Related to Forest Sustainability

Alan Lucier and George Ice, NCASI 

Relationships between Intensive Biomass Production and Biodiversity in North American Forests – A Literature Review

Jacob Verschuyl, NCASI 

Comparing the Effect of Stand Edge and Disturbance on Songbirds across Landscapes Varying in Productivity

Jacob Verschuyl, NCASI 

The Impact of Contemporary Forest Practices on Stream Temperature at a Watershed Scale: A Case Study from Hinkle Creek in Southwest OR

Arne Skaugset, Oregon State University 

Testing the Ability of Native Cutthroat Trout to Pass through Small Culverts on Steep Slopes

Phil Peterson, Forest & Channel Metrics, Inc. 

Habitat Selection by Northern Spotted Owls in Mixed-Coniferous Forests

Larry Irwin, Dennis Rock, and Suzanne Rock, NCASI 

Effects of Salvage Logging on Avian Species and Functional Group Abundance, OR, USA

Jack Giovanni, Weyerhaeuser Company 

Nutrition-Explicit Elk Habitat Models for Forest Planning and Multi-Regional Nutritional Conditions and Reproductive Performance of Elk

John Cook and Rachel Cook, NCASI 

Technical Comments on EPA and NOAA Concerns Regarding the Adequacy of the Oregon Forest Practices Act Rules to Address Water Quality and Fish Issues under the Coastal Zone Management Act 

George Ice, NCASI 

What Are Reasonable Metrics for Sediment and Turbidity in Forest Watersheds? Methods under Review for Sediment TMDLs and Turbidity Standards in Oregon

Jeff Light, Plum Creek Timber Company 

Site Occupancy Dynamics of Northern Spotted Owls in the Eastern Cascades, WA, USA, 1990-2003

 Andrew Kroll, Weyerhaeuser Company 

Factors Influencing the Distribution of Northern Spotted Owls in Eastern Cascades, WA

Craig Loehle, NCASI 

Addressing Concerns Raised about Use of Herbicides in Forest Management

George Ice and Vickie Tatum, NCASI 

For more information, including a preliminary agenda, and to register online, please visit or contact Karen Phelps at the West Coast Regional Center.  

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