Forestry and conservation

NCASI is distributing Technical Bulletin No. 983, The Role of Forest Management in Maintaining Conservation Values. This report evaluates criteria commonly used to measure biodiversity in managed forests. Some criteria used are directly measurable and quantifiable, and are directly linked with certain aspects of biodiversity. Other
criteria tend to be relative, and are more connected with social norms and desires, or public perceptions, rather than with ecological or environmental sciences.

Where possible, the report clearly distinguishes the two influences (ecological/environmental or social), and links each criterion based in science with the supporting literature.

Finally, the report links conservation criteria with forest management and aspects of forest research and utilization that are designed to enhance achievement of these criteria and hence aid in the long-term conservation of biodiversity. Gaps in available information and ongoing research are highlighted.

While the report focuses primarily on forest management and its relationship to biodiversity in a Canadian context, the concepts and lessons have broad application wherever sustainable forest management is applied.

NCASI members can download this report from NCASI’s website ( or obtain a printed copy by sending an email request to 

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