Sustainable Bioenergy and Biomaterials

NCASI’s 2012 Northern Regional Meeting will be held May 8-10 in Portland, Maine. Information about the meeting agenda and logistics can be found at

The meeting will include a technical session on Sustainable Bioenergy and Biomaterials that will begin at 11:00 a.m. on May 9 and conclude at noon on May 10. The agenda follows.


Perspectives on EPA’s Draft Accounting Framework for Biogenic CO2 (Panel)

Reid Miner, NCASI (Moderator); Dennis Castonguay, Verso Paper; Bob Cleaves, Biomass Power Association; Steve Hamburg, Environmental Defense Fund; Mike Jostrom, Plum Creek Timber Co. 

Trends in Forest Carbon Stocks in the Northeast and at Larger Spatial Scales

Paul Van Deusen, NCASI  

Key LCA and Sustainability Indicators for the Bioeconomy

Kirsten Vice, NCASI  

Production of Drop-in Fuels from Waste Biomass by Thermal Deoxygenation

Clayton Wheeler, University of Maine 

Cellulosic Biofuels Research at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Tom Amidon, SUNY ESF  

Update on UNFCC and International Bioenergy Policy Issues

Reid Miner, NCASI  

Non-GHG Air Emissions from Biomass Combustion and Processing

Rob Crawford, NCASI 

Roles for Forests and Forest Products in the Emerging Bioeconomy

Cynthia West, US Forest Service  

Nanocellulose: A Status Report

Sean Ireland, Verso Paper  

Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass: Challenges to Widespread Adoption of Pellet Heating

Charlie Niebling, New England Wood Pellets  

Cumulative Effects of Forestry Regulations and Other Constraints on Wood Supply in the Northeast

Lloyd Irland, The Irland Group  

Biodiversity and the Bioeconomy: Potential Conflicts & Opportunities for Compatibility

Ben Wigley and Craig Loehle, NCASI  

Effects of Forest Harvesting on Soil Carbon

Coeli Hoover, US Forest Service  

Biomass Harvesting Guidelines: Recurring Themes and Uncertainties

Eric Vance, NCASI 


The Northern Regional Meeting will also include a Sustainable Biomass Workshop during the afternoon of May 8. NCASI staff will present detailed introductions to
selected concepts, tools, and information resources that can be used to measure or characterize some important aspects of sustainability in the forest sector. The workshop agenda follows.


Standards and Tools for Carbon Footprints of Forest-based Products

Reid Miner, NCASI  

Tools for Accessing and Analyzing Forest Inventory and Analysis Data

Paul Van Deusen, NCASI  

Biomass Boiler Emission Database

Rob Crawford, NCASI  

Standards and Tools for Water Footprints of Forest-based Products

Paul Wiegand, NCASI  

Models of Forest Growth, Harvest, Carbon Storage in Products, and Substitution Effects

Craig Loehle and Brad Upton, NCASI 


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